What is an adenoidectomy?

An adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure whereby the adenoids are removed. The adenoids are glands (similar to the tonsils) that are found behind the nose.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. The adenoids are removed through the mouth using specialised instruments.


Why is it performed?

If the adenoids become enlarged they can block the nasal passages causing difficulty with breathing or snoring and sleep apnoea (especially in children). Enlarged adenoids can also block the eustachian tube causing recurrent ear infections or glue ear. They can be safely removed without long term consequences.


How should I prepare for the procedure?

Adenoidectomy is always performed under general anaesthetic in a hospital. You will be given specific instructions before your date of surgery instructing you when to stop eating/drinking and specific medication that may be needed before or after surgery. 


What can I expect after the surgery?

After the surgery you will be monitored on the ward for a few hours before discharge home on the same day. We pay very careful attention to managing your pain after the procedure.