What is septal perforation repair? 

Septal perforation repair is a surgical procedure conducted in order to close a perforation (hole) of the nasal septum.


How does the procedure work?

During a septal perforation repair procedure, your surgeon will create a flap of tissue from inside the nose and use it cover the perforation. The exact nature of the procedure will be decided after careful evaluation of size, location of the perforation, as well as investigating the underlying cause. Most cases are suitable for endoscopic repair, whereby your surgeon will use specialised cameras and instruments to perform the surgery through the nose, without making any cuts on the face or nose.


Why is it performed?

Most septal perforations are asymptomatic and therefore require only investigation of the underlying cause and no other treatment at all. In cases where patients experience bleeding, excessive crusting, nasal blockage or deformity then surgical intervention can be considered. Nasal trauma, previous septal surgery, systemic autoimmune diseases or cocaine are some of the potential causes of a septal perforation.


How should I prepare for the procedure?

Septal perforation repair is always performed under general anaesthetic in a hospital. You will be given specific instructions before your date of surgery instructing you when to stop eating/drinking and specific medication that may be needed before or after surgery. 


What can I expect after the surgery?

A dissolvable material is placed into the nasal cavities after the surgery to help with healing and to minimise the risk of potential bleeding. There will be no bruising around the eyes. We pay very careful attention to managing your pain after the procedure. Once at home, you will be asked to gently wash out the nose with a salt-water preparation. This helps clear the nasal passages. It normally takes 1-2 weeks to fully recover from the surgery and anaesthetic.